The high-tech world began its roots in the early 90s. since then new startups appear every day.
Around 99.9% of all startups fail, which in retrospect adds up to 30 years and millions of great ideas.

Why startups fail?

Even if a startup idea is good, that doesn’t mean it will succeed. generally, the main issue is budgeting.

Sometimes even the chairman or CFO don’t have the best vision and you end up with a failed idea.

There can also be technology issues. The technology might be good, but it’s not ready yet and that causes losses for the company. A similar thing happens if the personal is under qualified.

Time, management and even a lack of interest can lead to startup issues.

you lose anything the startups has built, from algorithms to physical things like equipment, product lines and so on. Basically, you lose all that money you invested without any way of getting it back.

What can you do?

For an investor this platform provides a unique way to reach those lost golden eggs everybody is looking for. you can negotiate directly with the owner on that special startup you’ve laid your eyes on.

Our database is growing all the time, so you can always find new ideas and opportunities that you can transform into your own business.

For an entrepreneur, we created a unique platform that can help you raise new money or sell in whole your old project and get some of those losses back.

Our platform works in a simple and exciting way; you pitch the idea, then, investors will contact you if they like the idea. Our second-hand startup market helps innovative entrepreneurs with great ideas connect with investors to sell their gem or to raise money to finally bring their ideas back to the market.

When you visit our platform, you will get to experience and enjoy maybe the most impressive idea base in the entire world. We support innovation and we encourage you to bring ideas to us or check out some of the stuff already in our database. It can help you create one of those 0.01% startups that grow and exist in the long run to a successful high profit company.

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